Nhạc Chuông Why not me – Enrique Iglesias

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Why not me – Enrique Iglesias

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 Tải nhạc chuông Why not me, ca khúc nhạc Pop đang tạo nên sức nóng cho các bảng xếp hạng âm nhạc quốc tế hiện nay.

Ca sĩ: Enrique Iglesias

Thể loại: Pop

Năm: 2010

Lời bài hát Why not me

Escaping nights without you with shadows on the wall

My mind is running wild tryin hard not to fall
You tell me that you love me but say Im just a friend
my heart is broken up into pieces
Cause i know i'll never free my soul
it's trapped in between true love and being alone
When my eyes are closed the greatest story told
I woke and my dreams are shattered here on the floor