Nhạc Chuông Love Like Woe – The Ready Set

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Love Like Woe – The Ready Set

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Love Like Woe – The Ready Set Ringtone Lyrics

Woe oh, oh, oh!
Woe oh, oh, oh!
I kinda feel like it don’t make, like it don’t make
Feel like it don’t make sense
I’m thinking baby you and I are undeniable
But I’m finding out love’s unreliable
I’m giving all I got to make you stay
Or am I just a roadblock in your way?
Kickin’ into gear when I see that face

You can take up all my time ’cause you’re the only one
That can make a storm cloud break
Pulling out the sun
And I can’t get caught in the rain
Can I get your lips to speak my name?

‘Cause I got some intuition
Or maybe I’m superstitious