Nhạc Chuông Blue – Bigbang

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Blue – Bigbang

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Nhạc chuông Blue

Thể hiện: Bigbang

Thể loại: Nhạc trẻ, nhạc hàn quốc

Lời nhạc chuông Blue:

Same sky, different place, it’s dangerous for us so I’m letting you go
From lovers to strangers. It’s cowardly, but I’m hiding because I’m worthless
No words, not even those made out of love, can comfort a cruel parting
This is probably the last melo in my life

I met you and loved you to death
My heart is stained blue and frozen, I can’t feel you even when I close my eyes

When winter ends and spring comes, we wither
In longing, my heart is bruised

(I’m singing my blues) used to the blue tears blue sadness
(I’m singing my blues) love that I let go to the drifting clouds oh oh